Sustainable Flowers For Mother’s Day And A Few Words of Wisdom

I love flowers!

Usually I have a fresh bouquet of roses in my living or dining area every week. Due to the pandemic I only go to the grocery store approximately every 10 days. By then, my fresh cut flowers are withered or I have them already disposed.

Without flowers my apartment feels a little less alive and vibrant. When I had that realization, I thought to myself that COVID-19 really makes me appreciate the small and beautiful things in life that we often just take for granted. I even stopped and smelled the roses (literally) on my walk through my neighborhood. Nothing compares to the intoxicating scent of wild roses!

I have gotten so numb to the hardship and sometimes terrorizing environment I have found myself in (let’s be honest, our world has been feeling like this in the last few years in particular), that the only way to deal was to shut down. The problem with that is you also shut down from the beauty and pleasures of life. In psychology this is called emotional numbness or blunting.

In that regard the pandemic has offered me many blessings in disguise and I am very grateful for all the insights it has brought into myself and life, which opened me profoundly.

As hard as this may be to believe, I am convinced that the world will be better because of COVID-19. The amount of global outpour of love and support alone is extraordinary!

In a way this is exactly what we needed because we have been heading into a disaster on many levels. Now the Earth gets a moment to breathe and humans an opportunity to reflect on what’s and what’s not working, to then adjust accordingly.

Flowers & Mother’s Day

Speaking of love and flowers, Mother’s Day is around the corner, which will obviously be quite different this year. Even if you won’t be able to see your mom, you can still send a bouquet. You also might want to think ahead, because of the COVID-19 delivery restrictions and many florists currently closed, play it safe and order in advance. Also check delivery times to make sure that your gift will arrive by Sunday, May 10.

Of course, Ad Vitam wouldn’t recommend anything except sustainable options.

Sustainable Flowers Delivery Services

If you love roses like I do, you can check out Rainforest Alliance–certified sustainably farmed roses by Bloomsybox. I really like this company because it is big on sustainability. No toxic chemicals are involved in the fertilization for their flowers and the flower farm workers are treated fairly. They also offer monthly subscription services.

Another ethical company that values transparency and works with sustainable farms is Farmgirl Flowers. They are also waste conscious and wrap their hand-tied bouquets with reused burlap coffee bags from local roasters. Thumbs up for that! Most of their flowers are grown in the US.

Or you might just buy a bouquet for yourself….

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