An Optimistic Outlook On An Environmentally Challenged Plant

Forest trees by Vinicius Löw

Welcome to the Ad Vitam weekly blog entry! Since our launch in mid-December 2019 we have been delighted how positively we have been received and are excited to build this platform in 2020.

As 2010-2019 was the decade of denial and complacency in most politics, economics AND the public regarding environmental protection and awareness. The 2020s will have to look radically different as the world events speak for themselves. It is one thing to be inspired by an idea, but another to implement it.

There is still refusal to adapt to new ways of thinking, acting, and consuming with desperately wanting to hold on to status quo on a big scale in terms of who holds the world’s wealth, which equals power, by controlling and owning the world’s resources. On a small scale it’s the ‘inconvenience’ it brings to the consumer to change our daily habits and step into uncharted territory. The state of transition and the unknown is just too uncomfortable for most people. They rather grab their phones, spend hours on social media and/or binge watch Netflix than staying present and in a state of temporary discomfort. This behavior is no longer possible, I am afraid.

Looking at all the news coming from national and international newspapers regarding sustainability and environmental issues, I still feel optimistic. The Australia wildfires are the exception obviously, an absolute tragedy. Lots of current articles from publications we consider important for sustainability, environment, related science and industries across the board show that we are slowly but surely making changes, or at least raise awareness towards a more sustainable lifestyle and future.

From Vogue Italia’s January issue to Berkeley’s new law targeting throwaway food packaging, to the funny but not so funny statement from Moscow admitting it will be severely troubled by climate change, but a reduction of fossil fuels extraction is out of the question. FYI, Moscow had no snow for Christmas in 2019.

The latter is a blatant example for economic interests winning over everything else, – status quo here we are. I still look at this optimistically because Russia had to publicly acknowledge that the earth’s climate is warming.

We must look at the bright side of things without denial or demonstrating a Pollyanna attitude. We can’t allow ourselves to become depressed with doom and gloom because it is paralyzing. We need to mobilize! Only with conscious awareness one can tackle and manage difficult, challenging and changing situations. We are undoubtedly in it. Stay awake, strong, and steady to take on this new decade, which will be shaped by further transformation of global climate and ecosystems. We are in this together.

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